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    Icon Apparel Group is located in the heart of California just minutes from Sacramento’s International Airport.

    Our services to the industry in the last several years have helped to blaze new paths in garment embellishment. The design team at Icon Apparel Group has set trends with an innovative approach to textile printing and embroidery. Our internal design team working in combination with our network of today’s best free-lance Illustrators and designers can bring any concept to reality.

    Icon Apparel Group’s partnerships with domestic mills and Mexican facilities allows us the flexibility to complete programs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We maintain a complete inventory control system throughout our manufacturing process.

    Our knitting facilities use high performance circular jersey knitting machines capable of producing fabrics from 170 gr/sq meter to 240 gr/sq meter ranging from 15" to 30".

    The dyeing and finishing laboratory, can match any tone or color and assure that the fabric has the desired weight, shrinkage and hand.

    Our high-quality performance in the cutting and sewing area can be attributed to new technology. Highly qualified personnel use automated equipment in a comfortable work environment, making quality garments at high production levels.

    Icon Apparel Group has developed internal control systems, such as in-line quality control, to ensure close examination between each process, a selective audit at the end of the process, and a quality controlled laboratory where the garment is tested in numerous ways to assure that it will satisfy your needs. Our final product is a high-quality garment.

    Icon Apparel Group is built on the strength and vision of our team, which is committed to exceed your expectations. We embrace the opportunity to meet your challenge.